Collideascope was formed in Late 2005 with the focus on creating original music and making an impact on the Akron original music scene. Collideascope breaks new ground with their melodic harmonies and poignant lyrics.  With influences from The Beatles, The Who, XTC, and Sloan - just to name a few - the band produced and recorded its first album in late 2006.  Since that time the band has released three additional full length CD's and has set out to promote their original and unique sound.  Collideacope's sound has been described as high energy pop-rock with a nod to the greats of the past.  Don't plan on sitting still during their performances - because this band rocks!  Since 2011, Collideascope has written, performed, recorded and produced all of their work independently.

Excerpt from - The CLEVELAND SCENE , Cleveland
Excerpt from - The CLEVELAND SCENE , Cleveland
"You may not be right for this" chant the guys in Akron-based Collideascope on the title track of their second album. With its electric pop beat and staccato singing,  the song sounds very much like another Akron band, Devo....suggest a Britpop influence, and the tune also uses a small part of "Day Tripper."...The rest of the CD combines classic-rock, Britpop and southern-rock sounds, as well as psychedelic- and indie-rock. . . To their credit, the guys successfully blend all these sounds into one... "  Julia Kazar


Excerpt from - (  Making Music Magazine, Akron

"...Hermanowski, a psychiatrist, plays bass guitar in the band Collideascope, whose other members include two counselors and a probation officer. The band formed in 2005 at the community mental health center where the bandmates work. When Collideascope isn't performing their Beatles-inspired original compositions at Docs Who Rock, they play at local clubs and music festivals. They most recently appeared at the Clay's Park Resort Rock Festival, which also featured Todd Rundgren. The band has released two favorably-reviewed albums and is currently working on a third to debut in 2011."  Samara Napolitan

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Excerpt from - The CLEVELAND SCENE , Cleveland

​"Collideascope's roots as a cover band are on display on its debut.  The Colors Inside is happy-go-lucky rock indebted to Cheap Trick and the Who, while catchy tunes like "Catch 22" and "Don't You Know" showcase a serious Beatles infatuation. The album just floats along pleasantly."  Matt Gorey

Excerpt from - The Free Times, Cleveland

(The Colors Inside)..."contains 11 original, self-produced tracks.  Comprising straitforward, feel-good rock 'n' roll, The Colors Inside has the vibe of many of the band's influences including the Beatles and the Who.  It also pays homage to rock 'n' roll icon Fats Domino in "Domino."  Standout tracks include "It's Not Love" and "Don't You Know" which exhibit groovy guitars and intricate vocal harmonies." Paul Kulis

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Collideascope is:

Tim Barrage (drums, guitar, vocals)

Rob Hermanowski (bass, vocals)

Chris Leib (guitar, drums, vocals)

Chris Waite (lead guitar)

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