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I Say Hey
Another from our recently released 4th CD.

The Colours Inside
From our recently released fourth CD Blind Spot.

Song Clips

We want to ROCK your venue!

Another Blonde Summer
This one is from Be Seeing You CD circa 2011.

COllideascope Performs original rock music!


This site is dedicated to providing a brief glimpse of our music, our passion, and our presentation so that you can realize that when we perform at your venue...It Will Rock!

Are you ready to rock?  We are!

We have been performing together now for close to ten years, and our sound would be described as a mix of the new, with a noticeable nod to the greats of the past.  Influences include:  The Beatles, The Who, XTC, Sloan, Ramones just to name a few.

Check out our music.  Give us a call.

It's all about the rock and roll man...